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Oatley FC MiniRoos Kick-Off program for 3-6 year olds begins in February 2021

The Oatley FC MiniRoos Kick-off program is designed for kids of all abilities aged 3 – 6 years. The nation-wide initiative uses short, game-based sessions to introduce the sport of football to newcomers in an inclusive way. It focuses on learning new skills, being active, making life-long friends and, potentially, unearthing the next generation of Socceroos or Matildas.

What is the Kick-Off Program?

The Kick-Off Program is:

  • An introductory 6 week program designed for players 3-6 years old
  • Weekly 45 minute sessions that build skills through games and simple drills delivered in an engaging and inclusive environment.
  • Fun, game-based activities with a focus on participation
  • Safe & Supportive
  • Non-Competitive

The Oatley FC Mini-Roos Kick-Off 6 week program will be run on Wednesday afternoons:

  • from 4:30 – 5:15pm
  • on Wednesday 10th February until Wednesday 17th March 2021
  • at Carinya Public School Mortdale.

Total cost of the 6 week program is $85, this includes all insurances, ball, bag, and jersey. There are limited spots in the program so if you are interested in registering please click on the following link without delay:

If you would like more information about this program please click on the following link or email

Participation pack includes the following items plus an Oatley FC Jersey


Grading Days 2021

Age GroupDateTimeLocation
U6sTuesday 16th Feb 20214:30pmT.B.A.
U7sTuesday 16th Feb 20215:30pmT.B.A.
U8sSunday 21st Feb 20218:00amT.B.A.
U9sSunday 21st Feb 20219:00amT.B.A.
U10sSunday 21st Feb 202110:00amT.B.A.
U11sSunday 21st Feb 202111:00amT.B.A.
BOYS U12sSunday 7th Feb 20218:00amPoulton Park
BOYS U13sSunday 7th Feb 20218:00amPoulton Park
BOYS U14sSunday 7th Feb 20219:30amPoulton Park
BOYS U15sSunday 7th Feb 20219:30amPoulton Park
BOYS U16sSunday 7th Feb 202111:00amPoulton Park
GIRLS U12sSaturday 6th Feb 20211:00pmPoulton Park
GIRLS U14sSaturday 6th Feb 20211:00pmPoulton Park
GIRLS U16sSaturday 6th Feb 20212:30pmPoulton Park
WOMENS U21sSaturday 6th Feb 20212:30pmPoulton Park
All Age WomenSaturday 6th Feb 20213:30pmPoulton Park

Mini Roos – Carinya School
10 Feb to 17 March
4.30pm to 5.15pm

OFCPlus Trials – location TBA
Date TBA


Calling all aspiring PWL players

Calling 16 to 21 year old female players to join an aspiring PWL team !!!

Oatley FC is aiming to present a Premier League team for both the men and women in 1 or 2 years. We believe we have the players to achieve this but there needs to be some planning involved.

We want to build and train the 21 Women’s team to play Premier Women’s League in the future years and invite a trial 28 Nov @ 2pm. 5th Dec @ 2pm (Original deferred due to extreme hot weather)

We are very excited to have Nic Rendina back in the club in a coaching capacity. He is an experienced footballer and coach. The club has some exciting plans for training and building the foundations for a strong PWL team.

Nic Rendina will be the coach of this 21W team aspiring for PWL.

Players if you qualify for the 21W team please complete the EOI below and the club will contact you.

For any further information contact:


MiniRoos in Profile: Olivia Krcmar

Olivia Krcmar from the 9G team is featured in the FFA MiniRoos Player Profile 👇 Click on the link below for the story

⚽️ This is an amazing story of what female football is all about!
💪 Olivia has played for Oatley FC for the past 3 years and like her fellow team mates just loves football.
❤️ Congratulations Olivia – we are so proud of you!
#OliviaRules #OatleyRules #WeAreOatley
St George Football Association Football NSW Football Federation Australia @sydneyfootballclub @sydfcstgeorge


Training Allocations for 2020 Training Restart

We are ready to restart training and we cannot thank you enough for your positivity and willingness to comply with NSW Govt & Health regulations.

Please see the training allocations for teams and assigned areas in the table below.

Any questions please send to

Renown Park Oatley – COVID Safe Training Areas
The Green Kyle Bay – COVID Safe Training Areas
Team NameCoach NameManager NameGroundTraining ZoneTraining DayTraining Start Time
OFC+ 10/11Matt JonesRenownArea 3 + 4Thursday4:30 PM
OFC+ 8/9Matt JonesRenownArea 3 + 4Tuesday4:30 PM
U6 B1Erron GardnerLee FoxonRenownArea 5Saturday8:00 AM
U6 B2Matt LarssonLauren Cleary
U6 B3Jason SalvoMel PirrelloRenownArea 4Saturday10:00 AM
U6 B4Carl BazergyDavid CookRenownArea 4Saturday11:00 AM
U6 B5Emma WhiteRichard DavieRenownArea 2Monday4:30 PM
U6 B6Andrew HayenRenownArea 5Saturday11:00 AM
U6 B7David BoettigerDavid WatsonGreenGreen 3Saturday8:00 AM
U6 GirlsWayne CuschieriBrooke EganGreenGreen 1Saturday10:00 AM
U6 IntKevin PillayJohn AthanasiouRenownArea 5Saturday9:00 AM
U7 B1Silvana GhosnDeanna Chiang
U7 B2Derek MalofieVanessa AyoubRenownArea 3Saturday11:00 AM
U7 B3Emma WhiteKirsten BrownleeGreenGreen 2Saturday10:00 AM
U7 B4Hassan HaririElisse ArmstrongGreenGreen 1Saturday8:00 AM
U7 G1Martin PeganNadia TsilimosRenownArea 3Saturday10:00 AM
U7 IntRichard TaylorMark GrahamRenownArea 2Saturday10:00 AM
U8 ARichard TaylorLetitia Rowlands
U8 B1Ryan PowneyBrooke RutledgeRenownArea 4Saturday8:00 AM
U8 B2Ben MeadleyBrendan Doyle
U8 B3Martin SebestaVivien TaoRenownArea 3Saturday8:00 AM
U8/9 G1Damien AshJulia Davis
U8/9 G2Rob PattersonRob PattersonRenownArea 5Saturday10:00 AM
U8/9 G3Kristylee IbrahimSultan Baskonyali
U8/9 G4Nick SocratousSuzie KrcmarRenownArea 1Saturday9:00 AM
U9 B1Louisa McKenzieGeorgia Whitbread
U9 B2David MaKatrina TurnerRenownArea 1Saturday10:00 AM
U9 B3Aaron FullerLouise DevlinRenownArea 1Saturday11:00 AM
U9 IntMatt FrancisGreenGreen 3Saturday10:00 AM
U10 B1Chris SintonPeita Coady
U10 B2Zac WhiteHayley DerwentRenownArea 3 + 4Monday5:00 PM
U10 IJeff FonsecaJohn PethersRenownArea 4Saturday9:00 AM
U11 B1Mick AbboudAhmet MoustafaRenownArea 2 + 3Saturday9:00 AM
U11 B2Robert BosevskiMark Rice
U11 GirlsSam DrurySusie KrcmarRenownArea 1 + 2Saturday8:00 AM
U11 IBede BarattaJo WallGreenGreen 2 + 3Saturday9:00 AM
U12 B1Lachlan DerwentDoug GowRenownArea 3 + 4Thursday7:00 PM
U12 B2Adam MurphyJessica TurnerRenownArea 3 + 4Wednesday4:00 PM
U12 CChris BaroneMarnie IrvineRenownArea 3 + 4Wednesday5:30 PM
U12 GirlsStuart StrachanPeita CoadyGreenArea 1 + 2 + 3Thursday4:00 PM
U13 AMatt JonesNat JonesRenownArea 3 + 4Tuesday6:00 PM
U13 AMatt JonesNat JonesRenownArea 1 + 2 + 3 + 4Saturday2:00 PM
U13 CDave HarrisonMatt ArkapawRenownArea 1 + 2Wednesday5:45 PM
U14 AMike ThompsonVoytek SzczepanikRenownArea 1 + 2Tuesday5:30 PM
U14 AMike ThompsonVoytek SzczepanikGreenGreen 2 + 3Thursday5:30 PM
U14 AMike ThompsonVoytek SzczepanikRenownArea 1 + 2 + 3 + 4Saturday1:00 PM
U14 CKen JamiesonChristina JamiesonRenownArea 3 + 4Thursday6:00 PM
U14G ACon VerteourisRenownArea 5Thursday5:00 PM
U14G B1Mick WillisScott WilliamsRenownArea 1 + 2Thursday7:15 PM
U14G B2Silvia WildMo IbrahimRenownArea 1 + 2Thursday4:30 PM
U15 AFabio MacolinoImad Haidar
U15 BDave DenhamKenneth O'ConnorRenownArea 5Tuesday7:00 PM
U16G AGarry MooreLouise ChallisRenownArea 1 + 2Thursday6:00 PM
U18 AKris WylieRobert ManeaRenownArea 1 + 2Monday6:00 PM
U21 GAVoytek SzczepanikVoytek SzcaepanikRenownArea 1 + 2 + 3 + 4Friday4:30 PM
21 MLisa DelleCosteGreenGreen 1 + 2 + 3Wednesday7:00 PM
AA AFrank KaralisRenownArea 1 + 2 + 3 + 4Wednesday7:00 PM
AA AFrank KaralisRenownArea 1 + 2 + 3 + 4Saturday4:00 PM
AA CTom HaywardGreenGreen 2 + 3Thursday7:00 PM
AA H1Domenic SeverinoRenownArea 5Wednesday7:00 PM
AA H2Patrick FlanaganRenownArea 3 + 4Monday7:00 PM
AAW AMatt JonesSarah RatcliffeRenownArea 3 + 4Tuesday7:30 PM
AAW BBarry AshcroftCatherine PaulRenownArea 1Tuesday7:00 PM
AAW CZac WhiteEmma WhiteRenownArea 2Tuesday7:00 PM
AAW CZac WhiteEmma WhiteRenownArea 1 + 2 + 3 + 4Sunday12:00 PM
O35 BRichard TaylorGreenGreen 1 + 2 + 3Tuesday7:00 PM
O35 BRichard TaylorRenownArea 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5Sunday8:00 AM
O35 CJohn AnthansiouGreenGreen 1 + 2 + 3Tuesday7:00 PM
O35 CJohn AnthansiouRenownArea 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5Sunday8:00 AM
O45Nick RendinaRenownArea 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5Friday6:30 PM
O45Nick RendinaRenownArea 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5Sunday8:00 AM


2020 June Non Comp – Return to Training Request Form

Please visit the form linked below to submit your training request

Cut off for training allocation requests will be 5pm Thursday 28 May
Any later requests will be given what is leftover

Only enter one Training Request per team. This should be submitted by the team manager or coach.

NON Comp Teams will now train on Saturdays at RENOWN and THE GREEN

Each session is a maximum of 45 minutes.

Remember we only have 8 zones available over 5 hour sessions so please consider all options available to you

We will do our best to accommodate everyone but sometimes that is not always possible

If we cannot give you the time you request we will contact you to work out an alternative

Any questions? Please email