2020 Registration Fees

What do the age groups mean?


  • 6 means the player is 5, has already turned 6 or will turn 6 by 31 December 2020
  • 7 means the player has already turned 7 or will turn 7 by 31 December 2020
  • 8 means the player has already turned 8 or will turn 8 by 31 December 2020
  • Etc
  • Seniors will receive a $10 discount if registered before 18 February 2020.
6s 180
7s 220
8s 220
9s 220
10s 230
11s 230
12s 240
13s 250
14s 250
15s 250
16s 250
21s (Age 16-18) 260
21s (Age 19-21) * 400
All Age Men (Age 16 – 18) 260
All Age (19+) * 400
Over 30 /Over 35/ Over 45 * 400

Any questions please contact registrar@oatleyfc.com.au


Jersey sizes for 2020

Please take a look at the jersey sizes below we will pack in the team kit bags in February.

When you register please indicate the player’s size.

Sizes can be swapped later if needed.

Please note we will do our best to accommodate sizes – it depends on the availability. 

These jerseys are NOT for the player to keep – they are to be returned at the end of the season washed and ready for 2021.


  • U6 to U12 – size 6, 8, 10, 12
  • U14 – ladies cut  – 8, 10, 12
  • U14 – boys – Xs or s
  • U16 – ladies cut – 12, 14, 16, 18
  • U15 – boys – s or m
  • U21s – ladies cut – 12, 14, 16, 18
  • U21s – mens – s, m, l
  • AAW-PWL ladies cut – 12, 14, 16, 18
  • Mens – m, l, xl, xxl

Any questions please email apparel@oatleyfc.com.au or registrar@oatleyfc.com.au


About the Oatley FC Grading Days

When are the 2020 Grading Days?

Age GroupDateTimeLocation
U8sSunday 2nd Feb 20208:30amRenown Park
U9sSunday 2nd Feb 20209:30amRenown Park
U10sSunday 2nd Feb 202010:30amRenown Park
U11sSunday 2nd Feb 202011:30amRenown Park
U6sWednesday 5th Feb 20204:30pmRenown Park
U7sWednesday 5th Feb 20205:30pmRenown Park
BOYS U12sSunday 16th Feb 202011:30amPeakhurst Park
BOYS U13sSunday 16th Feb 202011:30amPeakhurst Park
BOYS U14sSaturday 15th Feb 202012:00pmPeakhurst Park
BOYS U15sSaturday 15th Feb 202012:00pmPeakhurst Park
GIRLS U12sWednesday 12th Feb 20205:30pmRenown Park
GIRLS U14sWednesday 12th Feb 20205:30pmRenown Park
GIRLS U16sWednesday 12th Feb 20205:30pmRenown Park

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the session to collect a bib and get your name marked off.

What Is Grading Day?

Each year, clubs are required to ‘grade’ junior players to ensure they are playing in the correct competition in the forthcoming season. Oatley FC calls this “Grading Day” and this involves several sessions, split into age groups, with some games and activities that help us arrive at the decision regarding your child. This is run by committee members and headed by our qualified Club Coach, Matt Jones.

Children are split into ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ and occasionally ‘Advanced’ levels, though in most of the younger age groups there is no ‘Advanced’ competition.

What Is A Beginner or Intermediate Player?

These are the names assigned to junior football fixture scheduling by our local governing body, the St George Football Association. They are “non-comp” at junior levels until Under-12.

We are required to make an assessment as to which children should play in which competition. In nearly all cases this is ‘Beginner’ level, though some children are more suited to playing at a stronger level. Usually we might finish with one or perhaps two Intermediate teams at an age level, and many more Beginner level teams.

When are the Grading Days?

Please check the calendar on our website or keep an eye on the Facebook page for age groups and dates for the Grading Days.

Is It All About Talent With A Football?

No! We are looking for a number of factors that include size, tenacity, athleticism, and of course ball skill. The children selected for Intermediate teams are not necessarily those with the most obvious skills.

Is This Compulsory?

No. You are perfectly welcome not to attend Grading Day, especially if you have a team environment that everyone is happy with and wishes to continue. However, we’d still love to be aware of how children are progressing and please be aware that anyone not attending won’t be considered for the intermediate teams unless under special circumstances.

We Have A Great Player In Our Beginner Team. We Can’t Lose Him/Her!

Understood. But….please consider the best environment for that child to make progress in the game, and that dominant players at Beginner level through size, ability, personality or other reasons may also be holding back the development of other players on that team that may thrive in a new environment with new responsibilities. We also have new children join the club that require placing on existing teams, and we therefore encourage natural movement between ability levels to ensure everyone is correctly placed to enjoy the game to the maximum.

What Happens After Grading Day?

Each age group is assigned a coordinator that volunteers their time to ensure that teams are put together according to ability, parental wishes, school groups and so on. They’ll be in contact with you shortly afterwards with team arrangements. These are fluid, and will likely change before the seasons starts due to various factors. Please be supportive of the coordinator as this is not an easy task, particularly at age groups where field and team size changes that require teams to be changed completely.

That’s It!

We strongly encourage you and your children to attend Grading Day. It’s a fun event playing games against fellow Oatley FC players, and a great reintroduction to football ahead of the season starting again.

OFC Committee


Who’s that? Paul Spight

Seen a strange man in orange watching Oatley FC games this season? That’s Paul Spight, and he’s been around Oatley FC for many years. His company, The Currency Exchange, proudly supports the club and we caught up with him to ask the tough questions that everyone wants answered, including why he isn’t currently wearing the club colours.

Q) Hi Paul
A) Hi, OFC

Q) First things first, you supposedly love OFC but this season are playing for Lugarno FC. Whose side are you on?
A) How rude. I’ve played for Oatley for many years, currently sponsor the club and have been active on the committee. This season our over-45 team fell over and will be revived next year, allowing me to come back in all my glory. Lugarno offered me an option to keep playing Friday nights.

Q) Sounds suspicious to us. Where do we play our home
A) Renown Park

Q) Who is our President?
A) Peter Jones.

Q) What colour socks do we wear?
A) Red. How long is this going to go on for?

Q) Alright then. So, you made a lucky winner at last season’s OFC Gala Dinner a millionaire. That’s a very generous donation and we thank you. 
A) Always happy to make people millionaires – just has to be in Indonesian Rupiah. My business is The Currency Exchange and we buy and sell foreign currency cash.

Q) Nice segue into The Currency Exchange. So, your just change cash into foreign currency, right?
A) We change Aussie to foreign, foreign back to Aussie, and we also issue and reload travel cards called Cash Passports. These are a great way to take money away overseas, and also an alternative or backup to the  traveller’s own credit card, because these things can get lost. We have stores inconveniently located in Wollongong and the Northern Beaches. Oatley is….mutually inconvenient.

Q) So, no branches near here for us to use?
A) No, but we do have a home delivery service so can deliver currency or cards straight to people’s homes. It’s a great option.

Q) How long will it be before nobody needs to carry cash on a foreign holiday? And what will that mean to  you?
A) Cash is declining but there are pockets where cash is still the best. It’s usually best to have a bit of cash as  well as a card – especially for small purchases. Surprisingly Japan is very cash based – Ramen houses and  smaller shops are cash only. Other places like Hawaii and Vegas still love cash as well – easier to get tips! Sweden has a goal of becoming the first cashless country. They even want people to use cards to pay for  toilets and other small items., and many shops and restaurants there already don’t take cash at all. Obviously  the move away from cash will affect our industry, but as we also sell travel cards we are slightly insulated – I  don’t need a new job just yet.

Q) Back to football. Who’s your favourite team outside of OFC?
A) Tranmere Rovers.

Q) Tranmere who?
A) Pride of the Wirral – newly promoted back to  England’s League 1. I lived there when I was a kid. I guess it’s where I got the club sponsorship bug from – they were passing around a bucket to keep the club afloat when I first saw them play in 1983. 

Q) That’s cute. What about Lugarno? Where do they come on your list?
A) My catchphrase is “pass me the ball in the box and I’ll score you a goal”, as long as they keep doing that they are on the list.

Q) How do our members make use of your business?
A) Via our website https://thecurrencyexchange.com.au which has links to home delivery, and other  information including travel tips are regularly updated on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheCurrencyExchange/

Q) Lugarno are playing Oatley. It’s 2-2 in the last minutes of the game. Who are you rooting for?
A) You’re not letting this go, are you?

Q) No. Want to buy an OFC hoodie and prove your support? They’re available on TeamApp.
A) I’ve already got one thanks. Bye!


New Building – Use and Etiquette

Attention Managers and Coaches

As you’ll have seen, we’ve been making a transition to our new building over recent weeks. The process is almost complete, aside from some lock changes (waiting on council, details to follow) and our organization of training gear to their final positions in new racks. 

We need your help in three key areas:
1) Training Gear and Other Equipment: Let’s get this right. Space is limited and we’ll need your help to ensure items are returned to clearly labelled areas so that everybody can find items easily when arriving for training. This will be finalised shortly and signace placed in the room. 
2) Changing Room Use: If your team makes use of the new changing rooms, it is your team’s responsibility to ensure that the home AND away rooms are clean of rubbish and other items, immediately following EVERY TIME they are used. Let’s make sure that the team following you arrives to a clean environment. 
3) Matchday Equipment – Caged Area: This is the equipment located near the tank. This equipment is only to be used for match day – not for training. Items such as witches hats, poles, balls etc are located in the gear room

Committee members will monitor usage of these areas until everything is functioning smoothly – please ensure your players take pride in the club and the facilities that we share. 

OFC Committee


The St George Warriors are #Awesome

The St George Warriors are a fully integrated special needs program that provides the opportunity for players to participate, engage and enjoy mainstream football.

Check out the flyer below for contact details and training times.
St George Warriors you are #Awesome

See their flyer below for more details


Female football age groups at Oatley F.C. in 2019

Registrations for 2019 at Oatley Football Club are now open and we’d like to communicate some changes to the female age groups on offer this year from St George Football Association.

SGFA will continue to offer a graded U16G and All Age Women (AAW) competition just as it did in 2018.

In 2019, two new age ranges for female football will also be offered:

  • U21 Women’s competition for females aged 17-21 years (16 year olds may also ‘play up’ in this age group if desired)
  • O30 Women’s competition for females aged over 30 years who may not wish to play in AAW.

These new age groups have been created by SGFA for the purpose of retaining existing players in these age ranges and attracting new players who may have felt the previous age ranges did not cater to their needs.

Oatley FC encourages you to consider registering for teams in these new age ranges if they apply to you and are something that interests you. In the event that there are not enough registrants to form a team in either of the new age ranges, then we will contact you to discuss options regarding AAW teams.

If you have any questions about the age ranges for females please email femalefootball@oatleyfc.com.au

If you have any questions about the new registration system please email registrar@oatleyfc.com.au