Season Dates 2021

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Proposed season dates have been released:

Non Comp – U6s to U11s

16 rounds

Start weekend beginning 17th April
Finish weekend beginning 14th August

No non comp games are currently planned to be scheduled for the middle and last weekend of the winter school holidays.

Comp Teams – U12s and up

The number of rounds in your comp, as well the start and finish dates depends on the number of teams in your comp.

These Oatley teams are in 10 team senior comps and will start the season on 5th April (Easter Monday):

The remaining Oatley FC Comp teams will begin over the following two weekends in April.

For more information on the Season Dates please go to Team App and click on the Documents tab to see all 2021 Season Dates.

GradeOatley FC teams in this gradeNumber of Teams in CompNumber of Games in CompSeason Start DateSeason End or Grand Final DateDate with No Play
Saturday Non Comp JuniorsU6 to U1117th April 202114th August 2021
Saturday Non Comp 10G & 11G18th April 202115th August 202125th April 2021
Friday O45AO45A110 Team Comp18 Games5th April 202127th August 2021
Friday 045AO45A26 Team Comp15 Games9th April 202120th August 2021
Saturday PL & AAAPWL, AAA10 Team Comp18 Games5th April 202128th August 2021
Saturday Juniors14C6 Team Comp15 Games17th April 202128th August 2021
Saturday Juniors12D10 Team Comp18 Games10th April 202128th August 2021
Saturday SeniorsAAB, AAC, AAG, AAI10 Team Comp18 Games5th April 202121st August 2021
Saturday Juniors & Seniors12C, 13B, 13C, 14A, 15A, 16B8 Team Comp14 Games10th April 202121st August 2021
Sunday SeniorsAAWB, O35B, O35C10 Team Comp18 Games5th April 202129th August 202125th April 2021
Sunday Juniors & Seniors12GA, 12GB, 14GA, 14GB, 14GC, AAWC8 Team Comp14 Games11th April 202122nd August 202125th April 2021
Sunday Juniors & Seniors16GA, 16GB, 21GA, AAWA6 Team Comp15 Games11th April 202129th August 202125th April 2021