Oatley F.C. is a well-established, not for profit, Association Football (Soccer) club based in the Sydney suburb of Oatley. It was formed in 1975 and has grown from eight teams competing in the 1976 season to over 70 teams in 2018. Teams play and train at Renown Park, Oatley and The Green, Kyle Bay.

Club History

Written by Jan Clow

A meeting of interested people was called in November 1975 to form a soccer section of Oatley RSL Youth Club. The Youth Club wished to continue a sporting activity on Renown Park as the Youth Club had the park on a 10- year lease from Kogarah Council.

A committee was formed with Ted Thornwaite as President, Bob Dines as Secretary, and Barry Finn as Treasurer. Tribute must be made to Mrs Jean Thornwaite for the time and effort she contributed behind the scene attending to all the other jobs which run the club for which we now have formal positions.

Eight teams were formed and they competed in the St George Soccer Association in the 1976 season. The 10A(1) team were undefeated Premiers and went on to win Champion of Champions. The 7C team was undefeated Minor Premiers and Premiers. The following season saw a 100% increase in team numbers to 16, of which the Club won 5 Premierships.

Our playing strip has changed dramatically over the years. The original shirts of white with red hoops and trim were made from donated material, worn with white shorts. The 1979 season saw a change to shirts with vertical stripes and black shorts. These new shirts were purchased with funds raised by an aluminium can drive throughout 1978. The change to the present strip of red and white with black trim was made in 1983.

Continual improvements have been made to the playing field, lighting, and conditions for players, members and workers. A great asset to our Club is that much of the work that needed doing has been done on a voluntary basis.

1975 – Seven junior teams and one senior team commenced training at Renown Park. The senior team, led by Venis Haywood, managed reasonably well after sunset with the existing single pole in Park Street “small lights’ left over from the RSL League days.

Late 1970s – With the increase of club teams to 20 teams and with much success in the senior teams as premiers and finalists, training became very serious. It was unanimously decided that the lights needed improvement, being “too dull”. Donated by Billy MOore and Bernie Evans and installed by John Mitchell, the small lights were replaced with 4 more powerful “quartz” floodlights. What an improvement!

Mid 1980s – Serious training sessions finally “rubbed” onto the junior teams. Times extended themselves into dusk, so Phil Tonks U/12 coach (electrician extraordinnaire) donated a mobile quartz floodlight for use by junior teqams training adjacent to the canteeen. Sadly they are not now needed and remain in the gear room.

Late 1980s – With a great number of senior teams training “into the night” the floodlit area became prime property; i.e. hard to share equally for all teams. As the existing lights only illuminated a third of the playing field, the club had a serious problem. The foresight of Club President, John Davies, resolved the matter with the installation of our present day “six pole / quartz” lighting system; a great success and a credit to John and his committee.

December 2011

It is with great sadness that we report that one of the club’s founding members and long-time Oatley resident, Barry Finn, passed away yesterday after a lengthy battle with an illness.

Barry was one of our club’s original committee members along with Ted Thornwaite and Bob Dines, and he served as Club Treasurer from 1975 to 1979.

His son Darren writes, “Dad was very active in the club when it first started and I remember many days where we were down at Renown Park and dad was mowing lawns, setting up goal posts and organising the canteen.
For a while there it was like a 2nd home. We made lots of good friends through the club and had several successes.”

Barry Finn is on the left of the photo with Ted Thornwaite on the right in the glasses.

In Memoriam of our beloved Malcolm
AKA “Mal” McKenzie

Mal handing out medals to the U6

Mal handing out medals to the U6 “RaScaLs”
at the end of the 2009 season.

When Mal and Judy’s boys joined Oatley RSL Football Club, so did they. This is how it came to be with both of them becoming hands-on parents. Starting off as a Team Manager and attending meetings and before too long Mal became ensconced on the committee.

During his time on the committee he held many positions: – Club Delegate, Age Co-ordinator for either the under 6s or under 7s, Gear Steward, Canteen Manager are but just a few of the positions that he held.

Mal was the kind of person to help out anywhere at any time of the day, he is what we considered to be an integral team player and indeed an all-rounder throughout the years!

Mal had his way with people of all ages and certainly made the newcomers to the club feel very welcome. Mal was always keen to get them on board to join the committee, etc. Mal really was a great friend to us all and a pleasure to be around.

It gives us great pleasure to present this award in “Memoriam” to July his wife, and Stephen and Peter his children for the commitment, support and friendship that Mal had bestowed on us all throughout the years at the Club.

There are some we meet in passing
And forget as soon as they go
There are some we remember with pleasure
And feel honoured and priviledged to know
You were that kind of person
Who leaves beautiful memories behind
And there will be many days
Which will bring fond memories to mind

Your friends from Oatley RSL Football Club – 2010

In Memoriam Terry Ring

By Graham Smith

Like all sporting organisations, money is always needed to supply much needed equipment for the teams. Our club first of all held meat and vegetable raffles in Oatley Hotel. Next venue became Oatley RSL where each section of the Youth Club were rostered to sell raffle tickets. Another assistance to the club’s finances was the collection of aluminium cans which were stored in the Clow’s garage which became filled to capacity, and then cashed in.


1. Neville Wenham arranged sponsorship through “Hastings Deering” Motor Company, whereby the Youth Club T shirts had the Hastings Deering logo placed on the back of them. The cost to Hastings Deering and then the club retailed these to all members. This sponsorship proved to be a very rewarding exercise.

2. United Permanent sponsorship through the Club Treasurer Ross Lewis saw covers printed for the “Roundball” with United Permanent logo on the front page. Ross Lewis and Graham Smith stood outside United Permanent on Forest Road, Hurstville on Saturday mornings selling 300 sample bags which were supplied by United Permanent. Ross Lewis also sold advertising space on the inside of the Roundball Covers.

3. Our next sponsorship came after a few years by way of club member Keith Jones who sold off advertising space to a great many sponsors on the inside and back page of the Roundball with the front page sold to a major sponsor, C.R Storey Plumbing. This sponsor is also suupporting the All Age A of 1990.

Canteen Extension – 1984

For many years, the canteen at Renown Park was situated in a small room in the middle of the amenities block. With the increasing growth of the club it caused an increase in danger.
It was decided to expand the amenities block by way of a new canteen at the end of the existing building. After many meetings with Council representatives, namely J. Lawless, Ray green, Alderman Arthur Hardiman and request for financial assistance through a grant from Sport and Recreation, approval was given for a proviso that any extension must conform exactly with the existing building and a stipulation that the Soccer Club bears no equity in this extension upon completion.

Initially the digging starts, the foundation with an enormous amount of help available frmo club members. Phil Jones moved in and showed his expertise with the laying of bricks, then Ken Tonks moved in and showed his expertise with the plumbing and drainage requirements.

The concrete slab was put into place on the roof courtesy of Phil Jones assisted by Mario Del Bianco. John Mitchell then brought power to the scene by way of electrical installations and Billy Moore supplied the electrical fittings. With the outside structure completed the next step was to fit the interval shelving courtesy of Bernie Evans. Large cupboards on the wall were required, so Dave Goddard came to the rescue and supplied and fitted these. Our refrigerator was supplied by Keith Jones.

The next step was roller doors which were supplied by Elite Equipment and installed by Bernie Evans. The internal cosmetics of painting was provided by Bill Clow. Last of all came the securing of the canteen by way of anti-theft grills which were supplied and fitted by Keith Jones.

Listed below are the names of the people who so generously gave their time and efforts to complete the project:

 Nev Wenham Phil Jones Keith Jones Ross Lewis
 Bernie Evans John Gidney John Lackey Bill Clow
 Graham Smith Terry Walker Ken Tonks Jim Bates
 Bruce Saunders Bobby Hignett Phil Tonks Billy Moore
 John Mitchell (Snr) Barry Gray Con Raptis Col Ford
 John Mitchell (Jr) Lionel Palmer  

A thank you dinner was arranged for all these people by way of two rotisseried lambs, cooked by Con Raptis, the venue being Moore Reserve and then the Youth Club Hall after rain interrupted our celebrations. Alderman ARthur Hardiman and his wife were special guests of the day.

1975 T. Thornwaite None R. Dines B. Finn
1976 T. Thornwaite None R. Dines B. Finn
1977 T. Thornwaite H. Bell R. Dines B. Finn
1978 R. Dines H. Bell N. Wenham B. Finn
1979 H. Bell C. Denman B. Gray P. Kitt
1980 H. Bell C. Denman C. Hardy P. Kitt
1981 H. Bell G. Smith S. Ford D. Haywood
1982 H. Bell G. Smith B. Buchanan R. Lewis
1983 G. Smith B. Dodd B. BuchananR. Lewis
1984 G. Smith B. Dodd J. CranneyR. Lewis
1985 J. Clow J. Mitchell J. CranneyE. Terry
1986 J. Clow J. Cranney M. TroitsinP. Cohen
1987 J. Clow J. Gidney M. TroitsinE. Terry
1988 J. Davies J. Gidney M. TroitsinP. Cohen
1989 J. Davies J. Gidney R. DaviesP. Cohen
1990 J. Gidney G. Cole K. DelaneyP. Morris
1991 J. Gidney G. Cole K. DelaneyD. Olshen
1992 G. Cole G. Packwood M. CarrollH. McBride
1993 G. Cole G. Packwood M. CarrollH. McBride
1994 G. Cole G. Packwood B. BellD. Olshen
1995 G. Cole D. Olshen B. BellG. Packwood
1996 G. Cole D. Olshen B. BellK. Byrne
1997 B. Bell C. Perri D. JohnsonK. Byrne
1998 B. Bell C. Perri D. JohnsonN. Hunter
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2001 A. Buckley C. Perri L. O’Brien G. Mackie
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2003 M. Smith R. Cooper L. O’BrienE. Linklater
2004 M. Smith V. Philips L. O’BrienE. Linklater
2005 M. Smith M. Scott L. O’BrienE. Linklater
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2008 M. Smith D. Lane L. O’BrienE. Linklater
2009 P. Markovski C. Perri L. O’BrienW. Brown
2010 P. Markovski M. Packwood V. Philips J. Hamilton
2011 J. Hamilton C. Rispler K. Mitchell J. Moore
2012 J. Hamilton C. Rispler M. Ivanov J. Moore
2013 P. Jones K. Jones M. Ivanov J. Kousparis
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2024P. JonesK. Wylie / M. ThompsonD. SeverinoJ. Finlay