Training and Equipment

To Coaches, Managers and players

Teams Training at Renown Park:

Our club is now keeping all its training equipment in the change rooms at Renown Park.

* We have allocated bin bays for all our balls

* There are cones/witches hats in a marked tub

* Popup goals, there are only a couple of sets so first in first served.

* Agility training poles are located behind entry door into change rooms.

This equipment is there for all to use, please take what you need for your session and return to the allocated areas when finished.

If you are the last team training at the park, can you please lock up sheds, you will need to shut the door into change room and put padlock on cage door to lock it up.

If you need to access the sheds when locked, there is a set of keys located in the power box of 31 Mount Batten St Oatley (double storey red brick house) the keys are on a yellow paddle and must be returned when you have finished using them. The yellow paddle also has the keys for the grounds lights. The box where lights can be turned on is located on a power pole, about half way down the main pitch, on the Parkview Avenue side of park. Just find the correct key on paddle and turn in lock, you will hear a click and the lights should turn on.

Teams Training at The Green:

For teams training at the Green, there will also be some equipment to use in the sheds down there. If you are training there can you please contact Matt Jones and he will send you an email with instructions on how to open sheds etc.

Teams Training at Georges River Campus:

For teams training at GRC if you need any equipment please contact Matt Jones and we can sort out equipment to use there.

Matt’s contact email: