Register to Play for Oatley F.C.

Registrations for Winter 202 will open on Jan 4 2021. See details below on how to register.

A Registration Help evening is being held at Renown Park on Friday 31st Jan from 7pm till 8:30pm.

Grading days will start in February 2020. Check our calendar for age groups.
For any other queries regarding registration please email:

Registrations for Winter 2024 will open on Jan 3rd 2024. See details below on how to register.

Grading days will start in early February 2024. Check our news section, calendar and social media for age groups closer to the date.
For any other queries regarding registration please email:

Registration Process for 2024 Season

No sign up, no payment, no photo, no proof of age (new players) – means no registration.
Full payment of fees is required to complete the registration process.

Some points to note:

  • Family discount is $20 off the 4th child registered from the same immediate family (email with details of all registrations)
  • Senior Early Bird Discount: Rego prices are $375 for Seniors (players over the age of 19) who register and pay by 10 Feb 2024 : then prices go up $30 to $405.
  • A recent passport photo size of player being registered will need to be uploaded into the PlayFootball registration system by you- please do not send a photo to OFC
  • If you or the player you are registering is a new player to Football NSW or a new player to the St George area please email a copy of the birth certificate/driver’s licence/passport to

Please follow these steps to register as a player for the 2024 season.

Eligible participants from NSW will need to apply for their Active kids Voucher from prior to starting the registration process.

The ability to redeem a NSW Active Kids voucher will be built into the Play Football registration system, the Voucher/Coupon section will appear on the “Payment” screen.

During the registration, participants with a Valid Coupon/Voucher will need to enter their code in the text box provided, then select ‘APPLY’. Valid Coupons/Vouchers will automatically deduct the value of the coupon off the total registration amount.

  1. Once on the PlayFootball site, choose the option that applies to you
    Registered to Football before?
    You will not be able to claim your participant history if your email address or social login does not match the email address used for registrations on the old MyFootballClub.
    Parent or Guardian?
    Please ensure the Football Account is created in your name not the name of your child or dependant. Once you have created your Football Account you will be able to register any child or dependant.
  2.  Select Product (example: Junior 9-4 or Coach/Manager)
  3. Product details- add/change, and then click “Continue”
    – Option to select additional products
    – Select student discount (if applicable)
  4.  Update the Registrants personal and contact details, and then click “Continue”
  5.  Profile Photo “Select Profile Image”, Browse from your device, and then click “Continue”
  6.  International Transfer Clearance – NOTE – this is for players who’s last registration was OVERSEAS – please contact if this applies to you. 
  7.  Review your order, if you need to modify your product selection or details, select ’Modify’ in the appropriate section to do so
  8. Acknowledging Terms and Conditions
    Click on the ‘Check box’ Read and Acknowledge all Terms and Conditions by selecting Accept All T&C’s displayed and then click “Continue”
  9.  Payment Options Screen
    – Input “Vouchers/Coupons codes”, and click “APPLY” All states excluding NSW will need to speak with their clubs directly regarding redemption of “sports vouchers”
    – Make the payment for your registration.
  10.  Confirmation message, select “finished” or “Perform another Registration”

Issues you can solve on your own:

  • Use Chrome or Mozilla – sometimes Microsoft browsers don’t show the fields problems can occur when entering data
  • If you get a verification code make sure you enter it otherwise the system won’t work
  • Phone number fields do not accept spaces
  • If your photo won’t upload (has a runtime error) – keep trying a few more times.
  • Rotating your photo – make sure it is the correct way around – use the rotate icon if you need to
  • To Save the photo – use the tiny save button (floppy disk symbol) on the top left of the photo

Issues where you will need to get help from Football NSW

  • Players that played Summer Football may get an error message stating they already have a registration
  • The user has created an account but cannot register – error messages keep appearing or system doesn’t register the user has logged in mulitple times.

These issues need to be sent to  (please cc

Fees for 2024 Season

Fees will be updated as soon as they are determined

Age GroupPlayer Fees
u21s (Age 16-18)$250
All Age (Age 16-18)$250
PL (Age 16-18)$250
PWL (Age 16-18)$250
u21s (Age 19-21)$375 if paid before 10th Feb. Then $405
All Age (over 19)$375 if paid before 10th Feb. Then $405
PL (Over 19)$375 if paid before 10th Feb. Then $405
PWL (Over 19)$375 if paid before 10th Feb. Then $405
O35/O45$375 if paid before 10th Feb. Then $405

Dates for 2024 Season

Dates will be updated as soon as they are determined

GradeOatley FC teams in this gradeNumber of Teams in CompNumber of Games in CompSeason Start DateSeason End or Grand Final DateDate with No Play
Saturday Non Comp JuniorsU6 to U1117th April 202114th August 2021
Saturday Non Comp 10G & 11G18th April 202115th August 202125th April 2021
Friday O45AO45A110 Team Comp18 Games5th April 202127th August 2021
Friday 045AO45A26 Team Comp15 Games9th April 202120th August 2021
Saturday PL & AAAPWL, AAA10 Team Comp18 Games5th April 202128th August 2021
Saturday Juniors14C6 Team Comp15 Games17th April 202128th August 2021
Saturday Juniors12D10 Team Comp18 Games10th April 202128th August 2021
Saturday SeniorsAAB, AAC, AAG, AAI10 Team Comp18 Games5th April 202121st August 2021
Saturday Juniors & Seniors12C, 13B, 13C, 14A, 15A, 16B8 Team Comp14 Games10th April 202121st August 2021
Sunday SeniorsAAWB, O35B, O35C10 Team Comp18 Games5th April 202129th August 202125th April 2021
Sunday Juniors & Seniors12GA, 12GB, 14GA, 14GB, 14GC, AAWC8 Team Comp14 Games11th April 202122nd August 202125th April 2021
Sunday Juniors & Seniors16GA, 16GB, 21GA, AAWA6 Team Comp15 Games11th April 202129th August 202125th April 2021

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

A new player means a new player to Football NSW or the St George Area – a scanned or photo of a birth certificate/drivers licence/passport must be emailed to – no ID means no registration.
When you register in you must upload a current photo. No photo means no registration. Please do not email this to the registrar – there are over 850 players in the club and this just isn’t possible to do with so many players.

Please contact

Please remember this is for help only. Parents or players must use Playfootball to register.

To enable us to plan for the season and meet deadlines set by Football St George.
The timetable of events is:

  • Registrations completed before grading in mid February.
  • Grading days 2nd week of February
  • Teams created and submitted to FSG by the end of February
  • Trial games in mid march
  • First game first week in April (season runs until the end of August)

We believe that children will get the most out of playing in a team where they play against players of similar ability. It is all about giving them time on the ball and providing a suitable challenge.

Please Click Here to read our post with more information on Grading Days

The club will continue to accept registrations, providing there are places in teams in the relevant age groups. No registration will be accepted by FSG after June 30th.

The 4th sibling from the family receives a $20 discount. When you register your children use the same email address so all the registrations can be easily linked and the sibling discount can be applied. Please ensure you are registering your children under the one Playfootball account. Any queries please contact

A $50 discount will apply to students who register in the All Age 19years + or PWL 19years +. This applies to full time students or apprentices.
You will need to pay the full price in Playfootball however please send your 2024 student enrolment or 2023 student ID card as well as your bank details to your manager. Your manager will then pass this onto the club to refund you the $50.
Please note this discount applies to full time students over 19 or apprentices. Hopefully this will help with our players just starting off their careers.

Each age group has a minimum and maximum team size. At times the number of registrations in a particular age group will be such that it is not possible to accommodate all players. For the ages U6 to U11 and adult teams we have so many players that this is never a problem. We may experience problems with teams in the U12-U18 age groups. We recommend that players in this age group register before grading days, so we can plan for the right numbers of team in these age groups.

A child turning 5 this year can play in the Under 6s.

The age group you play in is the age you turn this year. So if your child turns 12 this year, then they will play in the u12. For over 35 and over 45, you must have turned 35 or 45 by the end of June this year.

Oatley FC encourages players to register with teams playing in their true age grade. However, it is possible for players to register to play for teams that are up to two years above their actual age grade

From U6 to U9, girls can choose to play in mixed boys and girls teams on a Saturday or form all female teams as desired and play in a dedicated female comp also on a Saturday.

From U10 to U12, girls can still choose to play in mixed teams on a Saturday or form all female teams as desired and play in a dedicated female comp on a Sunday.

From U14 up to All Age Women, females participate in graded female only competitions running on a Sunday.

Under 6 to 9:
In these age groups we have a lot of teams. In general, we can form teams with groups of friends. Please speak to the age co-ordinator on grading day, if you have a group of friends that want to play together.

Under 10 and above:
In the older age groups there are less teams and the differences between player’s ability increases. This makes it more difficult to keep friends together.

Games are played at our home grounds of Renown Park, The Green and Carinya School and at the home grounds of our opposition clubs in the St George area.

  • All under 9s and below play Saturday Mornings.
  • Boys up to U18 play Saturday mornings.
  • All age men play Saturday afternoon.
  • Girl’s and Women’s comps from u10 to all age are played on Sundays.
  • Over 35s play Sunday
  • Over 45s play Friday nights

Training times and dates are arranged by agreement with all the players and parents, but must always be at a time convenient to the coach. In general training is one day per week, but older age groups may train more often.
Our training grounds are Renown, Carinya School and the Green. With limited grounds available and with so many teams we try and accommodate teams as much as possible however this is not always possible. Rest assured your team will have a space to train on.