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A word from our Club Coach

Welcome Coaches and Parents,

I will endeavour to educate and support all coaches in our club.

Coaches, especially those new or without formal training, can sometimes find coaching week to week a challenging experience. Often coaches coach in a manner similar to the way they were coached at a younger age.
However the nature of effective coaching has changed dramatically. Through science and successful experience it is now known that early skill development in players is essential. To this end it is important our kids spend less time running without a ball and waiting in lines and more time with a ball at their feet, being challenged in game like activities.

It is also important we don’t over coach – ‘let them play’ is a recent initiative encouraging players to develop their own decision making abilities and giving them a chance to challenge opponents without being shouted at to “pass the ball” by well meaning, but mistaken onlookers.

At Oatley Football club, we will be very focussed on the development of the skills of our players.

The coaches of our junior teams are coaching for games in the future rather than a result in the next weekend match. Hopefully the development of skillful, well rounded players will be the goal rather than a win week to week. Being patient is one of the best skills a coach can have!

Please find below a number of links and attachments to help you coach your players.

Kind regards

Garry Moore
Club Coach

FIFA 11+

Please review the FIFA 11+ warmup routine linked below

Click here to open FIFA 11+(PDF)

MiniRoos Skills Challenges - 2020

It’s the perfect opportunity to have fun and practice skills at home to be match ready when Football returns!

The FFA National Curriculum - The Roadmap to International Success

The FFA National Curriculum is the most up to date coaching resource produced by the FFA. It outlines the research and philosophy that has developed our modern approach to the game.

It outlines the ways in which Australia (and Oatley F.C.) can improve the quality and quantity of skilled players based on a proactive brand of football, based on effective possession, with the cutting edge provided by creative individuals.

More importantly for coaches it provides practical ways in which we can enhance the development of our players, from Under 6’s through to our Premier League squad.

The following link provides access to the FFA’s coaching exercises designed for all age levels : Australia’s Football Training Guide for Players and Coaches

Additional Age Specific Coaching Resources

Under 6's and Under 7's

For those coaching Under 6 and Under 7 teams, you can find some other very good tips and drills at the following site:

Coaching U6 and 7s (PDF)

General Coaching Information, Exercises and Activities