Female football age groups at Oatley F.C. in 2019

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Registrations for 2019 at Oatley Football Club are now open and we’d like to communicate some changes to the female age groups on offer this year from St George Football Association.

SGFA will continue to offer a graded U16G and All Age Women (AAW) competition just as it did in 2018.

In 2019, two new age ranges for female football will also be offered:

  • U21 Women’s competition for females aged 17-21 years (16 year olds may also ‘play up’ in this age group if desired)
  • O30 Women’s competition for females aged over 30 years who may not wish to play in AAW.

These new age groups have been created by SGFA for the purpose of retaining existing players in these age ranges and attracting new players who may have felt the previous age ranges did not cater to their needs.

Oatley FC encourages you to consider registering for teams in these new age ranges if they apply to you and are something that interests you. In the event that there are not enough registrants to form a team in either of the new age ranges, then we will contact you to discuss options regarding AAW teams.

If you have any questions about the age ranges for females please email femalefootball@oatleyfc.com.au

If you have any questions about the new registration system please email registrar@oatleyfc.com.au